Teen Therapy Services

(13 to 18 years)

Counseling services include guidance and support for teens ages 13 to 18 as they navigate the ups, downs, and unexpected challenges unique to the time period between childhood and adulthood.

Simply put, the teenage years are HARD for both parents and teens.  Adolescence is a time of intense physical, mental, and emotional growth, and there are indeed growing pains.  During this phase of life, parents often feel frustrated with and disconnected from their teen. Parents become overwhelmed and uncertain what to do when their teen struggles with mental health challenges or experiences a traumatic injury or abuse.  

Teenagers come and see me for numerous reasons.  I help young folks:

  • Heal from harmful experiences
  • Learn different ways to be safe, healthy, connected, and successful
  • Identify and build on their own strengths
  • Improve communication skills
  • Re-establish hopes, dreams, and goals for their future

Imagine your teen happier, healthier, participating in their life, and full of hope for their future. Imagine feeling connected to them the way you may have been when they were younger, before the struggles of adolescence began.  

I can guide and support you and your teen through this journey of triumphs and challenges.  Call today to schedule an appointment!