Parents & Caregivers

Therapy, consultation, and coaching for parents and caregivers who want to help their struggling children, teens, and college-age kids.

As a parent, you love, support, teach, nurture, and protect your child.  You create opportunities and encourage them to find what brings them joy.  They may encounter challenges alond the way, and quite often you know exactly how to help them get through these hard times, learn valuable lessons, and overcome adversity. 

But what do you do when your child goes through experiences that cause serious distress?

Or when your child’s behavior at home, at school, or in the community has become more and more worrisome . . . such as when grades or school attendance have slipped, eating and/or sleeping habits are troubling, or you encounter your child on a dramatic emotional rollercoaster?

What do you do when you’ve exhausted all of your usual responses and all of the well-meaning suggestions of family and friends and nothing is working?

When the difficulties seem to outweigh the joy, when you feel out of options and overwhelmed with worry, it’s time to seek professional help.  In fact, maybe that is what led you here, to this website.

I am here to help.

I want you and your child to know that happiness and security are within reach.

I believe in your child’s resilience and ability to succeed.

I want you to have peace and laughter return to your home.  I want your child to succeed in school and their community. I want to help your family go from a state of endurance and survival to one of tenacity and thriving.


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